Twining Fringe-lily

Thysanotus patersonii

climbers and twiners Climbers and Twiners 🔎

Flowering Period:

August to November

Growth Size:

  • Climber

Preferred Soil:

Well Drained Soils


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Price Codes:

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Like Glycine, Thysanotus scrambles along the ground and twines around itself or low shrubs. With dark green leafless stems it is often unnoticed until its bright purple-pink flowers open. The petals of the flowers are fringed with fine hairs, and the flowers glow in sunlight. In the dryness of Summer it may die down to an underground tuber, but if kept moist the stems will stay green all year.



Plant at the base of a rough-barked tree or next to small branches stuck in the ground, where it will be in sunshine in Spring.

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