River Buttercup

Ranunculus inundatus

wetland plants Wetland Plants 🔎

Flowering Period:

October to March

Growth Size:

  • 20cm
  • spreading

Preferred Soil:

Submerged in Freshwater to 1m


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Price Codes:

  • $8.00 (15cmP, 15cm Pots)


With butter-yellow flowers, all species of Ranunculus grow either in winter-wet swamps or ponds, in full or partial sun. Most also spread rapidly and can overwhelm nearby plants. This species has fine, lacy leaves (Ranunculus glabrifolius has fairly coarse leaves) and prefers to grow in ponds rather than wet soils. Leaves will float just under the surface and heap up on each other to several cm above the surface.



Expect the plant to spread. In a pond up to 75cm deep, it's easiest to leave the plant in the pot. The pot can be lifted out each month and any growth outside the pot can be trimmed off.

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