Floating Pondweed

Potamogeton cheesemanii

wetland plants Wetland Plants 🔎

Flowering Period:

September to April

Growth Size:

  • Spreading

Preferred Soil:




Price Codes:

  • $8.00 (15cmP, 15cm Pots)


Previously known as Potamogeton tricarinatus, this plant needs to be grown in a pond. It has two types of leaves, those below-water are almost skeletal while those floating on the waters surface are oval. It grows in full sun through full shade, where its surface leaves become twice the length of those growing in full sun.



In a pond up to 50cm deep, it's easiest to leave the plant in the pot. If all leaves are under water then the leaf stems will lengthen until some are floating on the surface. If planted in the pond without the pot, plants can be put in soil or silt on the bottom.

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