Common Rice-flower

Pimelea humilis

small plants and groundcovers Small Plants and Groundcovers 🔎

Flowering Period:

September to January

Growth Size:

  • 10-30cm
  • 0.3-1m

Preferred Soil:

Moist to Dryish Well Drained Soils


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Price Codes:

  • $4.00 (HT, Hard to Grow in Quantity (Tube))


Plants send up stems from below ground level, with flowerheads forming at the end of each stem. Each flower is a long, narrow tube containing nectar at the base, ideal for butterflies and moths to feed from. There can be many flowers in each flowerhead, with the ones at the outside opening first. Interestingly, the outside of the flowers are hairy.

Plants are difficult to propagate from cuttings and very difficult to grow from seed, so they are not available often. If they survive planting, they will send up additional stems around the plant.

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