Sand-hill Sword-sedge

Lepidosperma concavum

grasses, sedges, and rushes Grasses, Sedges, and Rushes 🔎

Flowering Period:

Most of the year

Growth Size:

  • ↑ 0.6-1m
  • ↔

Preferred Soil:

Moist Well Drained Sandy Soils


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Price Codes:

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A core species of our local parks where it grows in light to moderate shade. However, it thrives in full sun in our garden beds. Its bright emerald green to darker green pointy leaves grow in a fan-like clump. Prefers dryish soils but may benefit from occasional watering in hot Summers.

Can be difficult to get, but if it survives the first year it will slowly spread. Local golf courses like this plant for its easy care and low structural look.



If looking very ratty, cut back to about 5cm in mid- to late-Autumn. This should only be needed once every several years.

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