Red-fruited Saw Sedge

Gahnia sieberiana

grasses, sedges, and rushes Grasses, Sedges, and Rushes 🔎

Flowering Period:

October to January

Growth Size:

  • 1.5-3m
  • 2-3m

Preferred Soil:

Moist Soils


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Price Codes:

  • $4.00 (HT, Hard to Grow in Quantity (Tube))


Another structural plant of moist soils, it can form large tussocks to 2m or more. In late Summer to Autumn its red seeds hang from the plume-like, dark-brown flowerheads. Butterfly-attracting. It likes full sun and moist to wet soils.


This plant has saw-like leaf teeth along the leaf edges and cuts clothing and flesh readily. NOT good where children may play.

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