Tall Sundew

Drosera peltata

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Flowering Period:

August to December

Growth Size:

  • 0.1-0.5m
  • 0.1m

Preferred Soil:

Moist Soils


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Price Codes:

  • $4.00 (HT, Hard to Grow in Quantity (Tube))


The Sundew family of plants release a sticky liquid through modified, hairy leaves. Small insects land on the leaves and are trapped by this liquid and die. Their bodies then decay and feed the plants. This species tends to climb up other plants and has white flowers. It dies back over Summer to small orange tubers, then resprouts with the Autumn rains.


Grows in partial sun in soil that is moist over Winter and Spring. It can be left dry over Summer and early Autumn. Best to mark with a plant tag so you don't forget where it is.

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