Comesperma volubile

climbers and twiners Climbers and Twiners 🔎

Flowering Period:

August to December

Growth Size:

  • climber to 4m or more

Preferred Soil:

Moist but Well-draining



Price Codes:

  • $3.00 (ST, Standard Tube)


A leafless climber with green stems, this plant is nearly invisible until it flowers. When a ray of sunlight shines on the purple-blue flowers, they glow. The stems can twine through other plants for at least 4m in good conditions.


Requires well-drained (but not dry) soils in partial shade and with a shrub or two to climb over, such as a Leptospermum myrsinoides (Heath Tea-tree) or an Allocasuarina paludosa (Scrub She-oak).

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