Silver Banksia

Banksia marginata

tall shrubs / small trees Tall Shrubs and Small Trees 🔎

Flowering Period:

February to July

Growth Size:

  • 1-10m
  • 1-5m

Preferred Soil:

Well Drained Soils


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Price Codes:

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Garden uses

Often a sprawling shrub, it is quite variable in height. In permanently dry conditions it can be less than 2m high, but in moister conditions it grows to 5m, sometimes taller. It has bottlebrush-type cream-yellow flowerheads which attract honeyeaters.


Flowers can occur throughout the year. The seed ripens from February to April, and is indicated by the wood hardening and the follicle colour changing to dark brown.


B. marginata requires low maintenance. They hold their shape very well. Lignotuberous plants can be pruned hard, whereas non-lignotuberous plants should only be lightly pruned. If foliage begins yellowing, apply chelated iron.

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