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Greenlink Sandbelt Indigenous Nursery

Greenlink Sandbelt started in 1993 and has now grown over 1 million plants. Every plant we sell has been grown at our nursery. While the bulk of plants we sell go to local councils and golf clubs (which order up to 12 months ahead), we always try to have a good selection available for local residents and schools.

Some species of plants are easy to propagate from seed or cuttings, but others can be extremely difficult. Plants grown from seed usually need to have their seed sown at the "right time", which is different for each species. Seed sown at the "wrong time" usually won't germinate, and cuttings taken at the wrong time often won't form roots.

The seed of some species can take from one to several years to germinate so we can't just "sow a few more" to satisfy demand. Also, some plants take two years to reach a saleable size.

The ease of growing, the effort it takes us, and the time we have to hold them before they are saleable, leads to some plants costing more than others. However, as we are a not-for-profit, volunteer-led organisation, our prices are kept as low as possible, and we believe are much cheaper than commercial nurseries.

We rarely stock large plants as the bigger the plant, the worse the "transplant shock" when it is put in the ground. For most species, small plants usually catch up to larger ones within two years.

Growing some of our wetland plants

Some of our recently divided wetland plants.

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